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The Council of Governors (CoG), committed to the principles of information and knowledge sharing and fostering effective governance, recently concluded a successful workshop aimed at building the capacities of Knowledge Management Champions from 30th July to 2nd August 2023 in Nakuru County.

The workshop had three central aims: to enhance the competencies of the Knowledge Management Champions, reinforce the critical role of the Maarifa Centre as a primary source of knowledge sharing, and stimulate effective collaboration among Counties for the dissemination of success stories and best practices.

Post-workshop feedback was effusively positive, with participants expressing an enthusiasm to apply their newly-acquired insights and skills. "This workshop offered not only a deepened understanding of the Maarifa Centre but also illuminated a clear path for integrating the Maarifa agenda within our Counties," shared one of the champions.

Other participants voiced newfound clarity on distinguishing between good practice, success stories, and best practices, which they believe will significantly boost their future knowledge management efforts in their respective departments.

Additionally, the workshop provided invaluable insights on how Knowledge Management can be best positioned within Counties, underscoring how the Maarifa Centre's resources can be strategically utilized to illuminate County achievements. The Champions, filled with a renewed enthusiasm, were eager to explore approaches for securing buy-in from their respective Counties to embrace the importance of knowledge management.

The Champions expressed a collective determination to advocate for their respective Counties, with an emphasis on showcasing the success stories that have a tangible impact on their communities across various sectors. The eye-opening exposure to the accomplishments of other Counties that have yet to be documented and disseminated served as a testament to the achievements of devolution and the leadership therein.

Significant emphasis was placed on the importance of peer-to-peer learning, a process that provides opportunities for Counties to glean insights from each other. It was acknowledged that many Counties have implemented remarkably successful projects and initiatives. By sharing these success stories, Counties can stimulate their growth and attract investments and partnerships, thus contributing to their economic and social development.

Aligned with the CoG's collaboration with the World Bank through the Financing Locally Led Climate Action (FLLoCA) Program, this initiative underscores the role of local leadership in

driving climate action. It also focuses on equipping counties with the tools and knowledge to address climate change effectively within their jurisdictions. The Champions will play a crucial role in documenting best practices and successes of the program, fostering a conducive learning environment for others.

As a way forward, the Champions highlighted the need to institutionalize knowledge management at the County level and called for the allocation of dedicated departments with competent personnel to manage all knowledge resources and assets. This workshop marks a step towards this goal, and we look forward to the positive impacts that these Champions will make in their respective Counties

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