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The Council of Governors (CoG) held its semi-annual review meeting in Nanyuki, Laikipia County from 15th – 17th February 2023, in a bid to reflect on and evaluate the performance of the Council for the first half of the FY 2022-2023 and the status of implementation of the strategic plan 2022-2027.
Making her opening remarks CoG CEO Ms. Mary Mwiti emphasized the need to work as a team in order to realize the CoG vision - to have prosperous Counties that are drivers of socio-economic growth and development and quality service delivery.
“Let us maximize on our strengths and the low lying fruits as we work towards achieving our vision. Though we might face new challenges and threats as we forge on, let us remember that in the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity and together, we will deliver on the promise of devolution,” she added.
This comes even as the Council recently launched the CoG Strategic Plan 2022-2027 anchored on the following key strategic pillars: Good governance and institutional capacity for sustainable service delivery in the Counties; Intergovernmental Relations and devolution; and CoG’s Institutional development.
While the implementation of the Strategic Plan 2022–2027 has not been without challenges, notable milestones have been achieved both at an institutional level and in enhancement of service delivery to the citizens.
Speaking during the workshop, the head of planning Ms. Rosemary Njaramba commended the technical committee leads for their endearing commitment and dedication in supporting the Council execute its mandate and establish itself as the think tank of devolution.
“Over the past one year we have managed to have a competitive advantage in the coordination of devolved functions, given the partnerships we have fostered in the devolution space with both private and public actors. The partnerships have also strengthened the CoG brand and strategically positioned CoG as a focal point for support and linkage with the National and County Government,” noted Ms. Rosemary Njaramba.
Sector Committee technical leads and departments were taken through among others: performance contracting as a performance management tool; knowledge management as an integral component of all facets of an institution; development of position papers, policy papers and policy briefs; and a review of the Intergovernmental Relations Act, 2012 to identify any laws that may claw back on the gains of devolution.
Among the notable achievements highlighted include: the development of various sector induction manuals; induction of Governors, Deputy Governors, and CECMs; review of various policies and legislation to ensure that they are aligned with devolution; supporting the smooth transition of county leadership; enhancing the capacity of 47 Counties in CIDP development; and mobilizing resources to support the various activities of CoG. Further, the Chairs of the CoG Technical Committees have been appraised on their roles and responsibilities as well as other pertinent issues affecting the sectors.


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