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County COVID-19 re-engineering and recovery strategy 2020/21-2022/23

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The Council of Governors, Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA), County Governments, researchers, development partners, and sector stakeholders has developed the County COVID-19 Re-Engineering and Recovery Strategy 2020/21-2022/23 that embeds the principles of response, recovery and thriving. The Strategy aims at boosting Counties’ economies by leveraging on five pillars:
• Boosting private sector activity;
• Policy, legislatives, and institutional reforms;
• Strengthening County Government’s preparedness and response to pandemics and disasters;
• Enhancing Information Communication Technology (ICT) capacity for business continuity; and
• Investing in human resource development.
The COVID 19 pandemic has affected negatively most sectors of the economy. Many people have lost jobs, development has been affected while the general economy has failed to grow as projected due to the effects of the pandemic. The health sector of the County, which is a devolved function in Kenya has been hit hard despite the gains that have been made as part of the COVID 19 response.
The pandemic highlights the need to promote innovations and adopt modern technologies in the path to enhancing self-reliance. The Kenyan youth have shown the capability to adapt with innovations to help in responding to the pandemic. Youth have come out to develop ventilators, ICU beds among other commodities with locally available materials. The Government has since nurtured some of these talents by procuring the locally made commodities to promote the local talent as opposed to importing them. “It takes our commitment as government to nurture innovations by re-energizing our institutions of technical training, science, technology and engineering to maintain the momentum for innovation to the level of being commercialized. This also presents an opportunity for our research and policy institutions to relook at the kind of innovation model the country and counties require in economic transformation.” Coins Governor Nyong’o who is a member of the steering committee on the development of the strategy.
With the development of the recovery strategy, another 47 County specific strategies have been developed and will be launched together with the generic strategy that will guide individual Counties towards recovery during and post COVID 19.

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