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The Council of Governors, the county directors in charge of urban development held a consultative meeting with the connected places catapult (CPC) on Friday, 31st of January 2020 at the COG offices. Connected Places Catapult is the UK Centre of Excellence for urban innovation and mobility with a role to catalyze the innovation market in the UK and globally. In October 2019, the connected places catapult started a £2.5 million program in Kenya and South Africa known as Urban Links Africa.

The Urban Links Africa project will work closely with selected cities to identify the most urgent and the high level urban challenges. The Programme will equally run city capacity building workshops for partner cities. It has a span of 20 months which culminates in April 2021 and will focus on 6 cities: 3 in Kenya and 3 in South Africa. The three cities in Kenya are Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa.

The Kenyan cities are expected to identify the most constraining challenges facing them. These challenges will be discussed and looked through in a major meeting in March this year that will bring major stakeholders together. The challenges will be articulated to a broad ecosystem of UK startups and tech companies in the form of an audition. They will be paired with start-ups across Kenya and South Africa to propose joint tech solutions (equitable partnerships). The best association will get a grant to extend their technology products and services across these 6 cities while the Catapult will ensure their economic, social and environmental impact is closely monitored.

The meeting therefore proposed that the 3 Cities of Kenya identify their challenges and implement technological and innovation solutions that improve quality of life of citizens, establishment of equitable partnerships for innovation and technology sharing between Africa & UK cities, tech hubs and ecosystems, creation of an initial cohort of trained and innovation ready African cities and the project to recruit a technical Officer who will support the Urban Committee.

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