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My Life as an Intern at the Council

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'I wish I never have to leave this place' is one of the consistent thoughts that I’ve had for as long as I’ve served here at the council as an intern. To refer to myself as an intern sounds absurd considering the space and the freedom I’ve been granted to blossom. If there is one thing that I have seen and loved completely about the council, it is in the faith they have in everyone as well the equal chances they give. I say this because so far, I have had the opportunity to represent the organization in various delegations and encountered people and places I never thought I would in this lifetime.

I joined the council in June 2019. It was only a minute after I was done with the HR when Mr. Kung’u, the trade program officer at the council, walked in the boardroom where I had been directed to sit looking all set up for a serious venture and said“ Young girl, you’re welcome; what’s your background? If you want, you can join me for a meeting up there to see how we do things around here’’. I was frightened because I thought it was absolutely way out of my understanding and for a minute, I thought to myself,’’ I am going to have to start a business; I possibly can’t handle all of this pressure’’. Either way, I put on a fake smile and followed him. He noticed I was a little uncomfortable and he turned back and told me that nobody came here an expert, we all learnt along the way. I have since clung on to that phrase and it has really kept me going.

That’s how I’ll describe COG; it’s a fast moving high profile organization that appreciates everyone as they are. I have grown in leaps and bounds both professionally and socially. It would be impossible to get there without my colleagues both within and without the department who have been so ready to answer when called upon and have held my hand and guided me as well as emphasized the fact that we are all equal.

My colleagues in the communication department often have this one thing to say ‘’It’s never too late or too early start’’ True to their word, I have figured out that it’s not about how much one has had the experience but their willingness to learn. I have mastered the art of daily media monitoring, photography, social media management, writing meeting reports, media relations and even things that seemed technical like branding, only to mention but a few. More often than not, I take off my intern garment while in my department and put on the communication assistant one because of how they treat me and make me feel truly like one of their own.

Highs and lows are the rhythms of life and I too have had my lows despite all the good moments at the council. I have for instance had to struggle with the bureaucracies that guide operations in the organization, handling various technicalities in the machines as well as getting to really know people. However, as Friedrich Nietzsche said, there will always be rocks in the road ahead of us. They will be stumbling blocks or stepping stones; it all depends on how you use them. I have chosen to see them as stepping stones; as it is said, there are no secrets to success, it is a result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure. All in all,

it has been the best experience and the challenges would be nothing compared to the joy that I’ve to this far as an intern, especially because of the support I’ve garnered from my colleagues.

To cap it all, I would out rightly say that the Council of Governors is the place to be in matters corporate growth. It is in the way things are executed; perfectly and in time. In all these, one is able to grow up as a well trained professional giving the needed services. We can only be grateful to the management as interns for the wings we’ve been given to fly.

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