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Induction meeting for the new and re-elected Governors and Deputy Governors

Theme: “Better Governance and Accountability for ultimate devolution dividends to all Kenyans”

The inception of County Governments in 2013 was the beginning of the devolution journey; a journey that has seen Counties achieve landmark milestones in their management, operations and in development. As the new County officials take up their positions, it is paramount that they are sensitized on: County systems and structures that have been established by legislation; intergovernmental relations; the practice of running County Governments; and the expected challenges therein.

Article 174 of the Constitution illuminates the objects of devolution while Article 175 of the Constitution lays down the principles of devolved government. The pioneer County Governments have set pace for the next regime. Significant and historic achievements have been witnessed- in sectors like health, agriculture, water and roads. The next team of County leaders have a duty to ensure that the gains made between 2013 and 2017 are safeguarded and that the momentum for the successful implementation of the devolved system of governance continues.

The challenges experienced in the first term offer a perfect opportunity to remedy the wrongs and seek consultative interventions that will guarantee and secure the place of devolution in Kenya. In order to address this at the onset, the induction programme therefore seeks to inform, share experiences and create a working rapport between the new Governors and Deputy Governors, the National Government, Donors and the Private Sector.

The overall objective of the induction programme is to “provide basic information on County Government structures and processes and on the gains made so far in devolution; and enhance County officials’ understanding and appreciation of devolution as a system of governance that focuses on, among others, self-governance and participation of the people in decision making, social and economic development, protection of the rights of minorities and marginalized groups, accessibility of services, and public accountability.

The specific objectives of the induction programme are:

  • To sensitize the County Governors and Deputy Governors
  • To help governors appreciate the dynamics of structuring a functioning County Government for effective service delivery;
  • To help Governors navigate the transitional period seamlessly;
  • To help Governors understand the roles and responsibilities of different actors in the management of human resources in the county public service;
  • To appraise governors on the structures and issues surrounding inter and intra governmental relations for harmonize co-existence;
  • To equip governors with knowledge on the centrality of a citizen-centered county planning and performance management for improved service delivery;
  • To appraise governors on the roles of various institutions in enhancing good governance and accountability
  • To help governors understand the resourcing framework for devolved governance

The specific objectives of the induction programme are:

1.To sensitize the County Governors and Deputy Governors on their roles and responsibilities in line with the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and subsequent laws;

2.To sensitize the County officials on the key institutions supporting devolution and their respective mandates as outlined in the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and subsequent laws; and

3.To share experiences including good practices, challenges and solutions sought in the first phase of implementing devolution.

Workshop Methodology:

The first phase of the workshop will bring together elected Governors and Deputy Governors. 2.Presenters
Apart from the opening and closing ceremonies, the workshop will run interactive sessions with expert facilitators from key institutions supporting devolution.


The workshop will take three (3) days. It will be highly interactive with formal presentations, simulations and questions and answer sessions. This will ensure active participation by the participants during the entire period of the workshop.


The language of the workshop will be English and Kenyan Sign Language.

1.The programme shall cover, among others: the experiences for the first pioneer County Governments; County Government structures; intergovernmental relations structures and practice; development planning and service delivery; legal and policy framework for accountability and oversight; and leadership and integrity.

2.For sustainability purposes, the programme will within the first three months (September-November, 2017) be cascaded down to County Executive committee members, Chief Officers, Chiefs of Staff, County Directors and other relevant County Government Officers.

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